About Us

[Hell Inc.]

Forging sounds since 2008.

Some of us met each other already in school in the east of Munich, Germany. As fans we started early to work on our own vision how modern metal should sound like.

The problem: At that time there was no metal scene in our area. So we created our own. Together with other local bands, which we could inspire, we organized many smaller DIY concerts. We gradually gathered all the music enthusiasts from the area and created a sworn circle of fans and later friends.

We created an environment in Unterföhring where people came together to celebrate hard metal and even showed that it is possible to organize a small festival without much money.

For ten years we hosted a benefit festival in our hometown called Halloween Rockfest, which grew a lot over time. For the last five years it has always sold out. It gave us and other bands a chance to show themselves while supporting a good cause.

However, in the last few years the desire hardened that we finally wanted to make our music accessible to a wider audience. So over the years, we’ve played a lot of live shows and gotten more focused. We’ve narrowed down our sound to its essence. And now more than ever we can present what we think modern metal should be.

Exciting, Dynamic, and loud.

Join the incorporation.